New Way To Vote To Change Washington Politics

October 16, 2013

Have you noticed that nothing of any real significance has been passed in the U.S. Congress since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010? That is because the ACA was passed by bribing legislators with pork barrel projects to win votes for the ACA. Right after the ACA was passed and made into law by Congress the liberals who controlled Congress at the time lost the House of Representatives to the conservatives in the subsequent election after the ACA was passed.

When the conservatives won the House of Representatives they immediately passed a law that said no more pork barrel projects can be attached to bills that come up to vote thus ending the bribery that has gone on in Congress since 1776.
So now all the legislators in both the House and the Senate can do is vote the way the majority of their constituents at home want them to vote and thus the gridlock, and the tinkering around edges and nothing of much significance gets done anymore in Washington.

No idea is perfect but maybe it is time again to consider term limits of six to eight years for all legislators so they could vote their conscience for the good of the country then go home with some sort of excellent severance and benefits package.

Similarly, there is no reason why violent crime by sane criminals is tolerated in a civilized society. Does anyone have the intestinal fortitude to pass a law that allows the victims and/or the victims’ families to literally punish the convicted criminal in any way whatsoever they choose to do so? If those victimized do not choose to mete out the punishment then they let the state take over what punishment is handed down. Of course, innocent convicted criminals may possibly be violently victimized by the victims and the victims’ families from time to time but this is the trade off, making violent criminals possibly think twice about committing violent crimes or risk possibly being tortured themselves by the victims or victims’ families.

The Green Party has an idea how to change how we vote so that we could vote into office those who would really change things in Washington, those who may never have a chance to be voted into office otherwise, especially since neither Democrats or Republicans will ever want to change the way we vote because they would quickly possibly lose their strangle hold over the citizenry.

The way the Green Party vote works is, for example, voting for President or any legislator every voter gets to vote for three people instead of just one. This way you get to vote for who you like most, and if you want, you vote for a second choice and then a third choice if you like. You vote for the candidate you really would like to see win but would likely lose in a typical Democrat and Republican election. Your second and third choices could be those typical Independent, Democrat and Republican candidates you always hold your nose and vote for in a typical election. The result is, for example, for President you have more than just one candidate that you like that could possibly end up winning instead of an all or nothing feeling you get after the typical elections we vote in today. Remember, there are lots of political parties and great ideas that voters never hear about because the Democrats and Republican control the mainstream media. Other political parties, other than the Green Party, include the Constitutional Party, the Libertarians, the Communists and several others.

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  • John Bear April 4, 2014 at 5:33 pm

    My old Greek friend, Mike Dolas, has been trying for 50 years to promote what he calls the “Dual Ballot” — two lists of names, headed “Head” and “Heart.” The “Head” side is just the two major party candidates. The “Heart” side is everyone who qualifies with, say, a million signatures. You vote twice: once with Head and once with Heart. If a Heart person gets the most votes, he or she is elected. If a Heart person comes in second, he or she goes onto the Head ballot next election. Could this work? I’d like to think so.

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