Government Stealing Your Cash From Your Bank Account
Government / August 16, 2016

The government is planning a secret new tax. It involves a new way of taking money directly from your bank account. The “Bank Account Tax” is coming but there is a legal way to avoid this great transfer of wealth from middle income taxpayers to the government.   The Founding Fathers of the United States believed that no one man should have the power absolute power. So they wrote the U. S. Constitution to require a system of “checks and balances” known as the U.S. Congress and U.S. Supreme Court. To raise taxes a majority of the 535 members of Congress must vote “yes” to raise taxes.   The President of the U.S. cannot raise taxes without Congress’ approval. However, in 2016, a new loophole has taken root in the system. This loophole, which has never existed before in the history of the United States allows the President to raise taxes without the approval of Congress.   It allows money to be directly taken from your bank account just like the Internal Revenue Service takes money directly from your paycheck every week. The name of this loophole is called “negative interest rates.”   Typically, the bank pays you interest on…

Animal Rights / August 12, 2016

Remember, the money it takes to house just one elephant for one year in a U.S. local city zoo is equal to what it takes to operate a wildlife preserve with thousands of animals on thousands of acres in Africa for one year. Moreover, when zoos breed too many hand-fed, exotic animals, the surplus animals may eventually end up in the hands of canned hunt farms where they may be fenced in then shot and killed at point blank range by weekend hunters seeking a wall trophy.   Other animals used for human entertainment, like those used in rodeos, e.g. the bulls and broncos, may break their legs, get seriously injured or may even die when they run into the side of the arena. When calves get roped it may result in punctured lungs, internal hemorrhages, paralysis and broken necks. Racing greyhounds may be caged up to 22 hours a day. Up to 25,000 greyhounds a year may be killed because they are too slow and too few get adopted. Racehorses may be forced to run even when injured. Of course, any unprofitable racehorses too often may be sent to slaughterhouses or killed by hitmen to collect insurance money! Many…

Animal Protection Intellectualism
Society & Culture / August 11, 2016

The great philosopher, Dante, (1265-1321) said “There is a special place in hell for those who mistreat animals.”   “Mankind has enslaved the rest of animal creation, so much so, that if animals were able to formulate a religion the animal kingdom would likely depict the Devil in human form.” (W. Ralph Inge 1860-1954)   “Atrocities are no less atrocities when they occur in profit-making animal research labs under the guise of medical research. Vivisection, which is grotesque and questionable animal experimentation, is a social evil because if it advances human knowledge, it does so at the expense of human character.” (George Bernard Shaw 1856-1950)   “I have from an early age disliked the use of meat and the time will come when men such as I will look upon the murder of animals as they now look upon the murder of men.” (Leonardo da Vinci 1452-1519)   “A nation’s greatness and its moral progress can be judged by the way its animals are treated.” (Gandhi 1869-1948)   “I am not interested to know whether vivisection produces results that are profitable to humans or does not produce results. The pain which it inflicts upon unconsenting animals is the basis of…

Wild Animals Held In Captivity
Animal Rights / August 11, 2016

Killer whales are captured when they are just a few years old and many may drown during capture. The unluckiest ones survive only to be shipped off to marine parks to spend the rest of their short lives in captivity caged unnaturally in small concrete, chlorinated tanks and forced to perform stupid tricks for human entertainment.   Living in a small tank is like putting humans in a bathroom to live the rest of their lives. You may live but for how long and how will you like it? Killer whales live up to 80 years in the wild but in captivity they rarely live past the age of 30. The only way a killer whale may possibly be released back into the wild is for the families who patronize marine parks wth their children to just stopping coming to the park’s killer whale attraction. This is somewhat similar to the atrocity mankind perpetuates when he sets out to create a white tiger to be turned into nothing more than a human spectacle. It takes litter after litter, maybe a hundred or more tigers to be born and bred to MAYBE eventually come up with just one unnatural white tiger….

Statistical Truth Test
Science / August 11, 2016

    When someone spews some statistics in your face your automatic response should be, “Says who?” “How do you know that for sure?” Think about what you may be missing in the translation or what may be missing in the statistics themselves even if they are accurately being portrayed to you. What are you NOT being told?       The data and its results SOUND reasonable, but compared to what? The lack or absence of data or what you do NOT know weakens the credibility of any statistics being presented to you as evidence or facts. So you have to ask the questions OR you just rollover and believe the statistics others use to try and convince or persuade you.       When deciphering the art of persuasive speech and speaking, in any argument or debate, you have to be aware that the subject at hand may be changed somewhere in mid-stream during the argument, consequently misleading you if you are not attentive and aware of deceptive persuasive tactics. This is inherent in most TV news and public affairs shows.       Even in TV news stories, especially those dealing with anything political, most everything is ALWAYS taken out of…

Western Logic And “Fuzzy” Eastern Logic
Society & Culture / August 11, 2016

Fuzzy logic changes how you see the world and is a revolutionary way of thinking for Western cultures. Fuzzy logic is based on contradiction, ambiguity and uncertainty. For thousands of years the Western world has locked itself into a system of “binary” logic which causes a “binary” reflex or reaction.   This means that day to day we react to many things in oversimplified terms of “absolutes”, seeing things as black or white, good or bad, right or wrong, all or nothing, without recognizing the possible “shades of gray”. This binary “all or nothing” thinking reflex is our most used decision making reaction in the West.   In contrast, the Eastern cultures view the world from a more complex perspective–as unity NOT separation. Unlike the West, Eastern thought is not closed-minded in their thinking habits but instead are open-minded to contradiction, uncertainty and ambiguity. In the East, thinking is as if everything is relative to everything else or a matter of degree as virtually nothing is absolute or “carved in stone”, so to speak, like Western thinking tends to evolve.   Western thinking habits tend to try and keep things as simple as possible, maybe unjustifiably so. The Eastern way…

News Media Secret Statistical Language
News Media / August 11, 2016

TV and print journalists, newscasters and reporters too often may use statistics without the necessary critical inquiry into their true meaning. In return, they expect their viewers and readers to also accept and believe in what they say. This, even though the statistics journalists use could collapse under closer investigation.   Statistics used by journalists and others, if you cannot prove what you want, then show something else entirely, and just ACT like it proves your position anyway. The public does not typically scrutinize the tons of information they receive and believe on a daily basis. To prove your point using statistics, simply get rid of all the data and results NOT favorable to your position and publish only that which is favorable.   Percentages are great for confusing the public. In correlational (cause and effect) scientific research, the data and statistics gathered from it, essentially are nothing more than dressed up, fancy, formal speculation using $100 words. Cause and effect correlational research results may typically be asked to go way beyond the data demonstrated to suggest cause and effect relationships. This “mental leap” consequently makes finding causal relationships highly suspect and questionable.   Published then mass merchandised correlational research…

False Random Samples
Science / August 11, 2016

A truly “representative” sample will determine if a scientific survey or research study is going to be considered valid or reliable. However, getting a true random sample is typically not really likely or affordable especially when studying human behavior.   Despite this, by the time the data is taken from the so-called random sample, manipulated then reduced to numbers, the results often may begin to take on an aura of conviction, especially in the way it is be reported to the public. In sampling procedures the constant battle is against sources of conscious and unconscious bias and the struggle NEVER ends.   Interviewers may “shade the responses” they get, to stretch, fit or pigeonhole the data or “sought after” results into some category. Those being interviewed do not always say what they are REALLY thinking, or would like to say, but shall not.   In scientific random sampling procedures, biases may go unchecked. In sampling procedures there is no absolute form of checks and balances. There is no overriding accountability in collecting a sample, and there is no need to really even “rig” or “slant” a sample one way or another, because “bias” is inherent in ANY sampling procedure due…

The Alphabet
Society & Culture / August 11, 2016

It creates forgetfulness and discourages the use of memory. Western cultures have become too accustomed to “trusting” the written word. We forget that the written word is true ONLY as others have perceived it. Mastering the printed word is useful but you still will have “learned” nothing. Masterfully stringing words together on paper using the alphabet makes us only APPEAR knowledgeable when we may actually KNOW little, if anything. The end result is what we REALLY have is not knowledge but “know-how”. We know how to accomplish the artful process of writing things down. Allowing ourselves to be hypnotized and thus persuaded by the magical powers of WRITING, with its inherent dependence on the alphabet, is NOT how knowledge is attained. Even though Western cultures would like to believe otherwise.   Knowledge is gained by thinking and not necessarily by writing things down. Writing can take away from the process of attaining knowledge, as much as it can add to it. Now, just think how you have come to think about things and organize the world around you.   Western cultures think “linearly”. The invention of printing, followed by mechanical type-setting, created then fostered linear left to right sequential thought….

Those Who Rant And Rave
Society & Culture / August 11, 2016

“Ranters” dare to speak their mind then get labeled as “crackpots”. Remember, ranters are some of the last “free-thinking, free-beings” left on earth. Spewing burning truths and incendiary opinions may be the only real freedom and human dignity that mankind has left.   The truth stings. We typically may not like facing the truth. Ranters are truthful but become scapegoats, driven away to the realm of the “unheard”, branded as extremists and cultists. Society’s punishment is to banish ranters from any kind of position of power or power potential, kind of like what happened to New Orleans District Attorney, Jim Garrison, who conceivably got too close to discovering who REALLY killed President John F. Kennedy.   Anyone considered by those in power to be a threat to that power will be considered to be social foes and these foes tend to get their “teeth kicked in”, so to speak, by those in power and control. If a ranter can successfully “spin control” his burning truths and incendiary opinions he can then possibly sway public opinion and control the media that sets out to destroy him but “spinning” may, in itself, too often dilute and weaken the rant and rave by…