When you get angry you suffer from an ignorant inflated sense of yourself that has no value to you or anyone else and this action is worthless. Consequently, rather than getting angry or condemning the stock market your best bet is to learn how to get the best information out of the stock market.

The biggest problem and the thing that makes many investors angry in the stock market is that the up and down price movements of stocks are completely random! Quality analysis of stock market information involves telling the difference between signals and noise. The built-in random moves up or down in the stock market causes seemingly logical variables to fall short of being predictive tools to predict the up and down moves in the market. The randomness of these up and down stock market moves allows for nonsensical correlations to appear which makes the typical retail, “mom and pop” investor angry when they lose money on their stock market investments.

Most stock market data and information is just noise. Your best bet as an retail investor is being able to identify a handful of time tested, intuitive data sets or “signals” to help you narrow your focus and help you ignore most of the “noise”.

The average investor’s emotional weakness and inability to distinguish the signals from the noise keeps them hooked. The majority of players in the world of finance and stock market are salespeople and most all salespeople are almost always guilty of convincing themselves of that which is questionable!

Everyone from stockbrokers to investment bankers to the media are selling or promoting their stories. Certainly the financial news gives you significant amounts of good information but in total most of the news is just noise.

The investment world is littered with truisms. Some are true, some are half true and some are not true with true truisms being relatively rare. One true truism is beware of the consensus meaning beware of what everyone seems to be thinking as factual or as being true because facts are nothing more than a consensus of opinion.

Agreeing and staying with the crowd in the investment world provides psychological reassurance but the majority of the investment world salespeople too often are wrong more than they are right which is why typical, relatively uninformed, “mom and pop”, retail investors, like casino players, get beat by the stock market.

Those who suffer more unpleasant consequences in the stock market are those who may be unaware of the statistical realities, so your best bet may be to focus on the unbiased data of historical precedent which gives you a comparative base to build upon. You compare current market conditions to past similar conditions and there are nine data categories that have demonstrated sufficient precedent to be used to form either negative or positive historical and current market conditions.

These nine data categories are: The Federal Reserve, macroeconomic, psychological, fundamental, cash reserves, structural, technical, professional positioning and the Media. These nine data sets are not complex and they are firm from an historical perspective. Without being aware of the weekly fluctuations of the negative and the positive effects going on in each individual data set it is not possible to understand the stock market. Investors that do not understand the market in which they are investing too often lose money and get angry.


Have you noticed that nothing of any real significance has been passed in the U.S. Congress since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010? That is because the ACA was passed by bribing legislators with pork barrel projects to win votes for the ACA. Right after the ACA was passed and made into law by Congress the liberals who controlled Congress at the time lost the House of Representatives to the conservatives in the subsequent election after the ACA was passed.

When the conservatives won the House of Representatives they immediately passed a law that said no more pork barrel projects can be attached to bills that come up to vote thus ending the bribery that has gone on in Congress since 1776.
So now all the legislators in both the House and the Senate can do is vote the way the majority of their constituents at home want them to vote and thus the gridlock, and the tinkering around edges and nothing of much significance gets done anymore in Washington.

No idea is perfect but maybe it is time again to consider term limits of six to eight years for all legislators so they could vote their conscience for the good of the country then go home with some sort of excellent severance and benefits package.

Similarly, there is no reason why violent crime by sane criminals is tolerated in a civilized society. Does anyone have the intestinal fortitude to pass a law that allows the victims and/or the victims’ families to literally punish the convicted criminal in any way whatsoever they choose to do so? If those victimized do not choose to mete out the punishment then they let the state take over what punishment is handed down. Of course, innocent convicted criminals may possibly be violently victimized by the victims and the victims’ families from time to time but this is the trade off, making violent criminals possibly think twice about committing violent crimes or risk possibly being tortured themselves by the victims or victims’ families.

The Green Party has an idea how to change how we vote so that we could vote into office those who would really change things in Washington, those who may never have a chance to be voted into office otherwise, especially since neither Democrats or Republicans will ever want to change the way we vote because they would quickly possibly lose their strangle hold over the citizenry.

The way the Green Party vote works is, for example, voting for President or any legislator every voter gets to vote for three people instead of just one. This way you get to vote for who you like most, and if you want, you vote for a second choice and then a third choice if you like. You vote for the candidate you really would like to see win but would likely lose in a typical Democrat and Republican election. Your second and third choices could be those typical Independent, Democrat and Republican candidates you always hold your nose and vote for in a typical election. The result is, for example, for President you have more than just one candidate that you like that could possibly end up winning instead of an all or nothing feeling you get after the typical elections we vote in today. Remember, there are lots of political parties and great ideas that voters never hear about because the Democrats and Republican control the mainstream media. Other political parties, other than the Green Party, include the Constitutional Party, the Libertarians, the Communists and several others.

Many Facebook Consumers complain that Facebook is just too commercial meaning too many advertisements clutter Facebook pages. There seems to be only one possible way to change this and conceivably even change our commercial culture in the process.

During the 1960’s society’s cultural idealists, even professionals like doctors and lawyers, labeled and ostracized other doctors, lawyers, news broadcasters, music groups, athletes and others as “sell outs” if they took money from advertisers. Today, seemingly and unknowingly, consumers, including the youth of America, wear corporate conglomerate advertiser logos and most do not recall or even have knowledge that at one time it was considered so “un-cool” to promote corporations or even like athletes, music groups, news broadcasters and others who take money from corporate sponsors in return for allowing corporate sponsors to use their names or to advertise on everything from clothing to sports stadiums to music concerts and more.

So could we ever see Facebook become less profit motivated and more socially responsible according to the cultural idealists of the 1960s? Countless numbers of consumers, including the youth of America, are already, from time to time, turning away from Facebook for whatever reasons so only one idea comes to mind to change Facebook for the better and conceivably make this idea into the next big thing in social networking.

For example, a few of the world’s billionaires should come together and re-create Facebook as a free public service with no advertising and an unheard of non-profit motive! Is this unthinkable? There have been rumors of this happening in the name of…social change and the public good.

The goal is not to hurt or hinder advertisers and corporate conglomerates like Facebook and others. The goal is to lessen their concentration on profit motives in favor of at least some social responsibility. Lean toward not so much of having two dimensional personal fun and being socially entertained, which is what Facebook is all about today, but as well as lean toward using Facebook’s two dimensional interaction to organize the silent majority and other interested groups to change America’s culture, including its commercial culture, and even change the world, especially since 80% of Facebook’s users live outside of the U.S.

With a socially responsible facelift Facebook could still be a fun social networking distraction, as it primarily is today, but at the same time also become the beacon or flagship to change and educate the world day after day to social issues and not just gloss over these issues with a four minute or four column news story every so often like the American news media tends to do.

For example, the socially responsible thing to do is for Facebook to assign someone to concentrate day after day on getting America’s unemployed youth back to work since their unemployment rate is 50%. Doing so and Facebook would become a hero to the underdog since American politicians do not lead or even set an example. Or globally, day after day assign someone to concentrate on making the world always aware of the need to educate children in third world countries, especially young girls, who are not being encouraged or even allowed to go to school by threatening religious groups. There are no limits to the amount of good in conjunction with making a profit that could be accomplished via the internet.

No one expects “fat cat” American political leaders to make anything happen. All they seem to manage to do is stay in power and tinker around the edges to win elections without accomplishing any real solutions to the nation’s problems. No one is even trying to organize the silent majority which is constantly being told what is acceptable and normal by smaller groups who have the louder voice and “inside” access to the mainstream American news media.

Will “I have a dream” become a reality? Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers, the round pegs in the square holes…the ones who see things differently. You can intimidate them but you cannot ignore them because they change things…they push the human race forward, and while some may see them as crazy, others see genius because the ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do.


Too many Americans these days, including those with the power to change things, lack being able to put themselves in someone else’s shoes and just do not care…really care. You can say you care but words are cheap and if you do nothing of substance to cure and solve problems then you are part of the problem. However, you will deny you are part of the problem and place the blame elsewhere and thus continue to live in denial. If U.S. citizens did care, the reality is, the laws to protect the citizenry would not have deteriorated to such a degree that people, generally, just do not feel safe anymore.

At one time, not too many decades ago, in most parts of the U.S. you could actually leave your windows and doors unlocked day and night and still feel safe. If things have not deteriorated then why not leave your doors and windows unlocked today?

Concerning the lack of empathy of the American public, for example, you are in a mall or some public place and you hear gunshots. Then you realize the shooter has a bead on you as you, or a loved one, are looking down the barrel of an assault weapon, or a shotgun, or a handgun. Or you, or a loved one, are being threatened with a knife, or a lead pipe, or a baseball bat or you, or a loved one, are being violently threatened by anyone with anything that could be used as a deadly weapon. At that very moment, odds are, you just know you cannot escape some sort of injury. So, at that very moment of an impending life or death crisis, what do you wish? Odds are, at that very moment, many people wish that they, or a loved one, had some sort of lethal protection to enable them to fight back. Or if you, or a loved one, are weak and vulnerable you wish someone would heroically intervene and save you or your loved one.

Everyone loves news stories where someone fights off an attacker and wins the battle. This does not happen much but when it does the victim, generally, used some sort of weapon to fight fire with fire, so to speak, and most everyone cheers good winning over evil and swears they would have done the same thing if they had been in that situation.

Most everyone hates to hear about the innocent man or woman that was gunned down without mercy who in their spare time had been a little league coach, or was devoted to their family and now the family has no provider, or the person was just full of life, happy and trusting, with a very promising future but was gunned down senselessly.

Law enforcement says you have two choices to curb gun violence. Either accept gun violence in America as a way of life or take away all the guns. We already know that in our lifetime all the guns in America cannot or will not be eliminated. So, in the meantime, until there are real solutions to gun control and gun violence what choices do we have? Law enforcement neglects to ever talk about the third choice which is regulate and rigorously qualify all those who want to arm themselves with concealed weapons in the workplace and on the streets.

If employees and citizens were allowed to carry concealed weapons, of course, there would be ugly and horrific unintended consequences as there are today when someone pulls off a massacre of unarmed innocent men, women and children. Critics charge that armed employees and citizens could possibly stop some of the carnage from getting out of hand that takes place in bloody massacres. Those who want to do harm to others may sometimes even have second thoughts on attempting a massacre of innocent people if they thought they themselves would be cut down and killed before they had a chance to kill large numbers of innocent people.

How many massacres of innocent men, women and children does it take for America to wake up the President, Congress and the citizenry? The current system in place does not inhibit killers from attempting a massacre of unarmed innocent people so at least try allowing large numbers of people to carry concealed weapons if they pass all the rigorous tests that would be required.

Politicians ask for more mental health services and more rigorous background checks but this will never stop the massacres of large numbers of innocent people in America so at least allow the citizenry to arm themselves and when a massacre does start to take place maybe, just maybe, the carnage will not involve large numbers of people and maybe, just maybe, the killer will get killed by alert armed citizens before the killer has had a chance to kill innocent men, women and children.

Too often those in charge and those in power in America are insulated from being victimized so they never feel the pressure to really do something to solve problems so the citizenry feels helpless. If left up to the citizenry to mete out justice and punishment gangs would not take over neighborhoods, gangs would not even exist, and serial killers, pedophiles, rapists, muggers and people with violent tendencies, all of whom prey on the helpless, the weak and those vulnerable, would think twice before committing crimes against those that are helpless. And if someone legitimately does not know right from wrong then they will be taken off the streets and institutionalized.


Al Jazeera America TV network is being run and bank rolled by the royal family of Qatar which is just as capitalistic as any other TV network in America. So when you hear Al Jazeera America being promoted as offering a voice for the voiceless…beware.

Granted, Al Jazeera America is less biased in their TV news reporting compared to all the other TV news networks in America because Al Jazeera America does not generally, to date, put Democrat and Republican legislators and their political “hacks” on the air and allow them to spin their web of lies and deception to further mislead the typically dumb and blind American electorate.

However, to date, if you watch the paid advertisements by the advertisers on
Al Jazeera America you will quickly see that this TV network is also pandering to the typical commercial advertiser that every other TV network goes after to buy TV commercials. This means that just like all the major mainstream American TV networks, including FOX TV news, if you want to advertise on any of these TV networks, including Al Jazeera America, and you have an advertiser that tries to advertise to simply to educate American consumers and make them aware of how consumers eat, think and behave in a commercial culture then this advertiser will not be allowed to advertise on any TV network in America, including Al Jazeera America.

If an advertiser even hints at the possibility of educating the American consumer on commercial culture, even without saying that something is good or bad or right or wrong, but just tries to make consumers aware of consumer news they can use to possibly make better choices with how they spend their hard earned money, or what they put into and on their bodies and so on, then this type advertiser may upset the majority of the commercial culture advertisers on the TV networks and the TV network will lose too much revenue just to allow advertisers who offer a voice to the voiceless.

No one can blame TV networks for operating like this. It is for economic survival. It will be up to word of mouth and internet bloggers, which is the youth of America, to make consumers aware of how they eat, think and behave in a commercial culture. To date, this will be the only chance and source for change in the wasteful buy, buy, buy, consume, consume, consume mentality of the American consumer who willingly gets suckered and enslaved by commercial culture advertisers into wasting the consumer’s hard earned money on things they have been persuaded to think they need by the advertisers.


Corporations, businesses even small businesses have figured out how not to give you a pay raise but still be able to reward their hardest, most productive workers. Give out bonus pay instead of a pay raise. Oftentimes you do not know what your co-workers earn but now more than ever your co-workers, especially those that are the best performers and hardest workers in the workplace, may be sworn to secrecy from letting their co-workers know that they receive bonus pay instead of a pay raise.

Bonus pay is easier to justify because it is based on performance and giving out bonus pay instead of pay raises save businesses and corporations huge sums of money in the long run because the bottom line is if you are a mediocre performer in the workplace then you are not needed and can easily be replaced. Furthermore, if an employee does not perform above and beyond what the company expects of them day after day, week after week, year after year then no more bonus pay. Bonus pay is always based on performance and hard work as seen through the eyes and ears of company management.

The incentive is if you want to earn more than those who work around you then always try to work harder and perform better than your co-workers. It may pay off for you since a pay raise is a relatively permanent expense while bonus pay is not always permanent and can come and go with how successful a company is earning revenues.


Some people are opting for “green” funerals these days to avoid the high cost, financial burden and emotional stress and strain on the family at the time of death of a loved one. A typical “green” funeral without cremation consists mainly of nothing more than opting out of a public viewing of the body so the body and the environment does not have to be violated through the embalming process. Then the cheapest casket and minimal “itemized” funeral costs are chosen so the funeral service company, or funeral home as they are generally known as, does not prey on the family’s emotions. And finally the loved one is placed at a “green” cemetery where there are no manicured lawns and costly headstones and instead a tree is planted on top of the grave.

Too often when you go to a typical funeral home to arrange a funeral the people you see standing around looking sympathetic and helpful may possibly really only be there to “feel out” who the more emotionally stressed out individual is in the family and then report back to the funeral home management who the most vulnerable person is in the grieving family group that the funeral home salespeople can possibly lean on for getting the most money spent for the funeral.

Understand that these days most funeral homes, like the family friendly, neighborhood funeral parlor in your town that has been around for decades, are now owned by basically two corporate conglomerates that have not changed the family friendly, neighborhood names so that unsuspecting funeral home consumers will still feel comfortable doing business with these well known, family friendly, neighborhood funeral service company names which, critics charge, these days are possibly being managed by hungry, greedy corporate conglomerates out to make as much money as possible off every funeral.

Other things you may want to be aware of to save money instead of giving it to the funeral home in a moment of emotional weakness is opt for a funeral contract with “itemized” costs, like use of a hearse but no limousines needed or no guest sign-in books or prayer cards and so on. This way you know exactly what you are paying for because if you sign off on a “general” contract you could get billed for things you never dreamed of being billed for because, remember, the funeral home may possibly be there to make as much money as possible on every funeral.

Despite what the funeral home may tell you even the costly and violating process of embalming may not be necessary unless the family wants a public viewing or does not plan to bury the body before 72 hours or the body is being transported across state lines. Otherwise, embalming does not stop the body from deteriorating, unlike what the funeral home salesperson may tell you, and embalming is a violent procedure.

During embalming there is nothing dignified about the mouth being wired shut, the eyes being forced shut by most any means necessary and the blood and body organs being sucked out and drained with a machine and the remains being flushed down the sewer. Who knows where these remains could end up once it hits the sewer? If the embalming process takes place near any city or county water source then it is possible these water sources could be contaminated with these remains.
What funeral home consumers may also not be aware of is the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Funeral Rule. This law states that no funeral home anywhere in the U.S. can force you to buy a casket from the funeral home. This means you can have virtually almost the same casket delivered to the funeral home for funeral services and save up to 50% or more on the cost that the funeral home would charge you for a casket.

Remember, the casket you choose to buy from the funeral home gets delivered essentially overnight to the funeral home because the typical funeral home does not have an inventory of every type of casket imaginable on hand. This means, due to the FTC Funeral Rule, you could go out and buy a casket online, for example, and have it delivered essentially overnight to the funeral home and save a lot of money in the process.


Food labeling just gets more and more confusing, for example, “USDA Organic” means that at least 95% of the ingredients are certified organic without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides and have not come from genetically engineered crops. “USDA Organic” meat means it is certified that the animal was raised without antibiotics or genetically modified feed. There is still no USDA organic standard for fish. A “Raised Without Antibiotics” or “No Antibiotics Administered” label means the animal from which the food came received no antibiotics during its lifetime unless the animal was sick.

However, the “USDA Organic” label should also be accompanied by the label “USDA Process Verified” which means the USDA actually “verified” that the food processor indeed did do what it says it did when it labeled its products as “USDA Organic,” otherwise you have trust that the food processor did not lie, hide or distort the contents of the food ingredients. Consequently, not having the “USDA Process Verified” label on a food package could make a difference in the food you think you are consuming.

An “Animal Welfare Approved” or “Certified Humane Raised And Handled” label means the animals raised for human consumption were always treated humanely from birth to slaughter and given access to pasture. Only family farms and smaller co-op farm groups can attain these labels and both guarantee the animals did not receive antibiotics unless they were sick.

A “USDA Process Verified Grass-fed” label means the animal was raised on a lifetime diet of 99% grass and forage and had access to pasture during most of the grass growing season. Meat that comes from grass-fed farm animals tends to provide more health benefits compared to grain-fed or grain-finished animals. However, one big difference, a simple “Grass-fed” label does not mean antibiotics were not used to make the animals grow faster and bigger so always look for the “USDA Process Verified” label if you want to make sure no antibiotics were given to the animal. You can also look for the “American Grass-fed” logo which certifies the animal was fed only grass and did not receive antibiotics.

Watch out for the American Heart Association “Heart-Check Mark” label which is a heart with a check mark in the center of it. This typically applies to foods with lower levels of saturated fat, cholesterol or a set percentage of whole-grain ingredients to help reduce the risk of heart disease but also check out the other ingredients too. You may find the product is also loaded with the same amount of sugar you find in a regular size, chocolate-laden candy bar.

“Free-range” chicken labels can be deceiving and conjures up images of happy, free-grazing chickens but the chicken producer only has to allow these chickens access to open air which could be for as little as 5 minutes a day.

Critics say the word “Natural” on a food label too often may mean it is meaningless especially since it has no standard U.S. government definition. It only applies to how the food was “processed” and not how the farm animal was raised but critics question this “process” so it may be a good idea to question any food label that says “Natural”.


When you try to get the car dealer to finance a car the dealer may let you drive the car off the lot without the financing being approved. This is called spot delivery. Then a week or so later the dealer calls and tells you the financing was not approved and, of course, if you had a trade-in it is gone and cannot be returned because it has already been sold to the wholesaler.

So now you have two choices. Either pay more for the car in extra costs and fees or return the car to the dealer, hence the name yo yo financing and it is all legal because you drove the car off the lot without being approved for the financing.

If you do not want to fall prey to yo yo financing do not sign the form the dealer gives you that says you agree to take the car off the lot without the financing first being approved. However, not all dealers that have been guilty of yo yo financing have secured a signature on the form from the car buyer so even if you do not sign this form you could still fall prey to yo yo financing from the car dealer.


Illegal marijuana growers in California illegally clear the trees from the land then damn up the natural streams on these public owned tracts of land. These pristine forests and streams have been growing and flowing conceivably thousands of years. The illegal growers then draw down the water from the damned up streams to cultivate their illegal plants. This destroys the environment, the plants and wildlife that thrive in these areas.

To also protect their illegal crops the illegal growers put out rat poison to keep wild animals from eating their illegal crops which causes the wildlife to die a slow and painful, horrific death. These poisons also creep into the local streams and ecosystem causing environmental problems in the future that have yet to even be calculated since it has only been a few years that hundreds of illegal marijuana growers have appeared and taken over certain parts of the California hills.