Not so long ago we were enslaved by conquering tribes and kings and, for the most part, civilized cultures broke free from being enslaved. However, built-in our psyche we must love being enslaved because, today, we are enslaved to  technology. No matter where you go it seems like most folks are round shouldered and face down, slumped over, hanging their brain over a piece of technology and generally glued to it oblivious to the world going on around them.


The civilized world is becoming more and more enslaved to commercial culture to buy, buy, buy, consume, consume, consume.  We are slaves to consumption because we can, because we are entitled to more, more, more.  Techno-slavery and slavery to consumption chose us, we did not choose it and it loves us, the desciples to commercial culture.


We techno-slaves do not love people like we say we do.  More than people, we love slavery to our cell phones, computers and similar techno-gadgets.  We do not trust people any more. Most of us put out an aura of, “Don’t touch me!”  We trust our phones and computers and whatever information and pleasure these devices spit in our faces.  Forget trusting people, we are enslaved to trusting the technology. Who needs sunlight and the great outdoors? We prefer living under fluorescent lights inside concrete caves.


We buy what we do not need.  We spend what we do not have and cannot afford.  We want what we do not have and when we get it, it is boring and not good enough so we want more because momma said “Don’t look into the sun!” But, momma, that’s where the fun is!  And nothing exceeds like excess.


We Americans are 5% of Mother Earth’s population but we consume 25% of  Mother Earth’s resources.  We are entitled to consume as much of Mother Earth as we can.  By the year 3000 Mother Earth’s resources, as we now know them, will be gone and we love it because we love techno-slavery and the consumption of commercial culture.


By the year 3000 a new fierce scarcity will reign where there is little charity, little government and little wealth.  We will live passively, by nature, holding low expectations, upholding simple values of family, childbearing, a good crop and hope…hope for a good harvest.  By the year 3000 those who do not work will not eat and all because we loved slavery…techno-slavery and slavery to the consumption of commercial culture.


Techno-slavery loves us…lures us with irresistible skull candy and instant gratification for we slaves…who in turn idolize the technology that enslaves us.

Recency bias is one who believes that recent trends will continue even if there is no clear cut evidence to support the conclusion that the recent trend will continue.  For example, in the stock market, in a year from now the market could be 30% higher or 30% lower and either would be a reasonable projection or prediction in the prevailing or current environment of available data.


Furthermore, the U.S. Federal Reserve Bank today practices recency bias portraying confidence about the immediate and long term future of the U.S. economy in the face zero interest rates knowing that someday interest rates must rise which may or may not jeopardize parts of or the whole U.S. economy while secretly praying they are not charting a course toward economic disaster in the U.S. economy and worldwide stock market. However, no one knows for sure because we are in uncharted, unprecedented territory since the Federal Reserve Bank has, from 2008 to 2014, printed more U.S. dollars and guaranteed pay back of interest on more U.S. debt than at any other time in U.S. history.


You are admitted into the hospital and find out the hospital IS in your health care insurance coverage network and the costs incurred by your hospital stay are, in fact, covered by your health insurance plan. However, when you leave the hospital you start getting billed for thousands upon thousands of dollars you thought was being paid for by your health insurance when you scheduled surgery at the hospital.


What you did not find out, and what everyone at the hospital neglected to tell you is, yes, the hospital charges were covered and paid for by your health insurance but the doctors, surgeons and other specialists who treated you were NOT in your health insurance network of care providers so now you owe enough money to these doctors that can and will bankrupt you!


And yes, these doctors will start sending bill collectors after you. This will ruin your credit if you do not pay them and they will take you to court to get their money if u cannot work out some kind of pay plan to pay off this huge debt!  Whoever treats you at the hospital always make sure their services are also “in network” and paid for by your health insurance plan.


The LA Times newspaper recently published the following statistics and commentator, Lou Dobbs, reported this on CNN. This type reporting supposedly cost him his job on CNN.  Of the 10.2 million people in Los Angeles, California 40% of all workers in LA are working for cash and not paying taxes!  95% of the warrants for murder and 75% of the people on the most wanted list of criminals in LA are illegal aliens.


Over 2/3 of all births in LA are to illegal aliens and on Medi-Cal welfare being paid for by taxpayers.  Nearly 35% of all prison inmates in California and 29% of the inmates in federal prisons are illegal aliens.  Over 300,000 illegal aliens in LA are living in garages.  The FBI reports half of all gang members in LA are illegal aliens.


Nearly 60% of all occupants of HUD welfare properties are illegal aliens. 21 radio stations in LA are Spanish speaking stations. In LA 50% the population speaks English and 40% speaks Spanish.  Less than 2% of illegal aliens are picking crops but 29% of the illegal aliens are on welfare.


Many state of California legislators depend on the poor to elect and re-elect them to public office so they desperately need illegal aliens to become voters.  Also helpful to enlist taxpayers to continue paying for services for the poor would be the proposed legislation that would add new taxes on retirement income and stock market profits.


So how will the new tax dollars be spent?  The goal would be to raise the standard of living for the poor, unemployed and minorities by giving what others have earned to those who have not worked and earned it.  The end result too often turns out to be nothing more than free, unaccountable government handouts in return for votes.


State of California legislators want to work toward the goal of equalizing income and at the same time limiting the amount of money the public has left over to invest.  You can also find these type ideas in the teachings of Karl Marx.


A “sell by” date tells the store how long to display the product. It does not show when a product becomes unsafe to use or when it is past its peak performance meaning the product should still be fine to use or consume even past the “sell by” date.  For example, milk should be ok to consume for about a week after its “sell by” date.


A “best if used by” or “use by” date is merely the deadline for the product’s best flavor or quality. However, it is not a purchase deadline meaning the product is spoiled or unsafe to consume after the “best if used by” date.  If this date has expired and it has been unopened it should still be safe, wholesome and of good quality if handled properly after the “best if used by” date.  However, it is always a good idea to toss any cans that are become rusty, dented or swollen.


Lawsuits will start to pop up going after those individuals or groups who raise funds through crowdfunding operations, like Kickstarter, then do not deliver what was promised to its financial backers.  Crowdfunding operations depend on securing financing for initiatives from a pool of financial backers often in exchange for incentives.


The lawsuits will NOT go after the crowdfunding operations, which are performing a legitimate service of hooking up people with ideas with people who have money to invest in these ideas, but the lawsuits will instead be going after those who promise they would deliver incentives to the pool of financial backers but did not deliver what was promised.


The bottom line is consumers need to be aware that crowdfunding is not without risk.


Go to the supermarket or anywhere else to buy chicken or eggs, make sure you watch out for deceptive package label claims.  When you see “farm raised”, “natural” or “free range” on the package label these terms are nothing more than deceptive marketing ploys to make you think you are getting a better piece of chicken or better eggs.  Anyone who sells chicken and/or eggs can make these hollow claims because they are actually meaningless and of no value to you, the consumer of chicken meat and eggs.


Moreover, the claim of hormone-free is also meaningless since all chicken and eggs being sold in supermarkets today must, by law, be hormone-free.


There is only one claim that has meaning on a chicken package label and that is the term “organic”, a claim which is actually government regulated.  A package of chicken or eggs labeled “organic” must have 100% of the chicken feed grown without chemical fertilizers, herbicides and any genetically-modified organisms for at least three years.  Consequently, there is real value in “organic” chicken and eggs being sold in supermarkets and, critics charge, “organic” chicken and eggs may be worth paying more for.



If you have surgery in the mornings it may be to your benefit since surgical teams may tend to be fresher compared to those who have already performed surgeries throughout the day.  Scheduling your surgery earlier in the week may also work the same way and possibly benefit you more.


For whatever reasons, research shows that the death rate for patients having surgery later in the week and on weekends is higher for those compared to those who have surgery earlier in the week.  Furthermore, there may not be as many surgical staffers on hand at night, on weekends and on holidays compared to other times of day.  Also, it may take longer to get lab results at night, on weekends and on holidays.



When you get angry you suffer from an ignorant inflated sense of yourself that has no value to you or anyone else and this action is worthless. Consequently, rather than getting angry or condemning the stock market your best bet is to learn how to get the best information out of the stock market.

The biggest problem and the thing that makes many investors angry in the stock market is that the up and down price movements of stocks are completely random! Quality analysis of stock market information involves telling the difference between signals and noise. The built-in random moves up or down in the stock market causes seemingly logical variables to fall short of being predictive tools to predict the up and down moves in the market. The randomness of these up and down stock market moves allows for nonsensical correlations to appear which makes the typical retail, “mom and pop” investor angry when they lose money on their stock market investments.

Most stock market data and information is just noise. Your best bet as an retail investor is being able to identify a handful of time tested, intuitive data sets or “signals” to help you narrow your focus and help you ignore most of the “noise”.

The average investor’s emotional weakness and inability to distinguish the signals from the noise keeps them hooked. The majority of players in the world of finance and stock market are salespeople and most all salespeople are almost always guilty of convincing themselves of that which is questionable!

Everyone from stockbrokers to investment bankers to the media are selling or promoting their stories. Certainly the financial news gives you significant amounts of good information but in total most of the news is just noise.

The investment world is littered with truisms. Some are true, some are half true and some are not true with true truisms being relatively rare. One true truism is beware of the consensus meaning beware of what everyone seems to be thinking as factual or as being true because facts are nothing more than a consensus of opinion.

Agreeing and staying with the crowd in the investment world provides psychological reassurance but the majority of the investment world salespeople too often are wrong more than they are right which is why typical, relatively uninformed, “mom and pop”, retail investors, like casino players, get beat by the stock market.

Those who suffer more unpleasant consequences in the stock market are those who may be unaware of the statistical realities, so your best bet may be to focus on the unbiased data of historical precedent which gives you a comparative base to build upon. You compare current market conditions to past similar conditions and there are nine data categories that have demonstrated sufficient precedent to be used to form either negative or positive historical and current market conditions.

These nine data categories are: The Federal Reserve, macroeconomic, psychological, fundamental, cash reserves, structural, technical, professional positioning and the Media. These nine data sets are not complex and they are firm from an historical perspective. Without being aware of the weekly fluctuations of the negative and the positive effects going on in each individual data set it is not possible to understand the stock market. Investors that do not understand the market in which they are investing too often lose money and get angry.


Have you noticed that nothing of any real significance has been passed in the U.S. Congress since the Affordable Care Act (ACA) in 2010? That is because the ACA was passed by bribing legislators with pork barrel projects to win votes for the ACA. Right after the ACA was passed and made into law by Congress the liberals who controlled Congress at the time lost the House of Representatives to the conservatives in the subsequent election after the ACA was passed.

When the conservatives won the House of Representatives they immediately passed a law that said no more pork barrel projects can be attached to bills that come up to vote thus ending the bribery that has gone on in Congress since 1776.
So now all the legislators in both the House and the Senate can do is vote the way the majority of their constituents at home want them to vote and thus the gridlock, and the tinkering around edges and nothing of much significance gets done anymore in Washington.

No idea is perfect but maybe it is time again to consider term limits of six to eight years for all legislators so they could vote their conscience for the good of the country then go home with some sort of excellent severance and benefits package.

Similarly, there is no reason why violent crime by sane criminals is tolerated in a civilized society. Does anyone have the intestinal fortitude to pass a law that allows the victims and/or the victims’ families to literally punish the convicted criminal in any way whatsoever they choose to do so? If those victimized do not choose to mete out the punishment then they let the state take over what punishment is handed down. Of course, innocent convicted criminals may possibly be violently victimized by the victims and the victims’ families from time to time but this is the trade off, making violent criminals possibly think twice about committing violent crimes or risk possibly being tortured themselves by the victims or victims’ families.

The Green Party has an idea how to change how we vote so that we could vote into office those who would really change things in Washington, those who may never have a chance to be voted into office otherwise, especially since neither Democrats or Republicans will ever want to change the way we vote because they would quickly possibly lose their strangle hold over the citizenry.

The way the Green Party vote works is, for example, voting for President or any legislator every voter gets to vote for three people instead of just one. This way you get to vote for who you like most, and if you want, you vote for a second choice and then a third choice if you like. You vote for the candidate you really would like to see win but would likely lose in a typical Democrat and Republican election. Your second and third choices could be those typical Independent, Democrat and Republican candidates you always hold your nose and vote for in a typical election. The result is, for example, for President you have more than just one candidate that you like that could possibly end up winning instead of an all or nothing feeling you get after the typical elections we vote in today. Remember, there are lots of political parties and great ideas that voters never hear about because the Democrats and Republican control the mainstream media. Other political parties, other than the Green Party, include the Constitutional Party, the Libertarians, the Communists and several others.