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You Thought You Had Health Care Insurance Coverage

You are admitted into the hospital and find out the hospital IS in your health care insurance coverage network and the costs incurred by your hospital stay are, in fact, covered by your health insurance plan. However, when you leave the hospital you start getting billed for thousands upon thousands of dollars you thought was […]

California…The Largest Insane Asylum In The USA!

The LA Times newspaper recently published the following statistics and commentator, Lou Dobbs, reported this on CNN. This type reporting supposedly cost him his job on CNN.  Of the 10.2 million people in Los Angeles, California 40% of all workers in LA are working for cash and not paying taxes!  95% of the warrants for […]

Should You Contribute Money To Finance An Idea?

Lawsuits will start to pop up going after those individuals or groups who raise funds through crowdfunding operations, like Kickstarter, then do not deliver what was promised to its financial backers.  Crowdfunding operations depend on securing financing for initiatives from a pool of financial backers often in exchange for incentives.   The lawsuits will NOT […]

Deceptive Chicken And Egg Package Label Claims

Go to the supermarket or anywhere else to buy chicken or eggs, make sure you watch out for deceptive package label claims.  When you see “farm raised”, “natural” or “free range” on the package label these terms are nothing more than deceptive marketing ploys to make you think you are getting a better piece of […]

When To Schedule Surgery

If you have surgery in the mornings it may be to your benefit since surgical teams may tend to be fresher compared to those who have already performed surgeries throughout the day.  Scheduling your surgery earlier in the week may also work the same way and possibly benefit you more.   For whatever reasons, research […]

How To Predict The Stock Market

When you get angry you suffer from an ignorant inflated sense of yourself that has no value to you or anyone else and this action is worthless. Consequently, rather than getting angry or condemning the stock market your best bet is to learn how to get the best information out of the stock market. The […]

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